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About This Website

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How to make the best use of this website:

Thank you for visiting lonlauber.com.  Please realize this website is an active, ever-changing website so check back frequently for new images.  Please be patient. Lon is adding images and improving features as fast as he can!

For the time being, all images on this site are low resolution and watermarked with Lon Lauber's federally protected copyright notice.  If you want to buy prints, photo products or lease one-time rights to use digital copies of these images, please use the contact Lon Lauber tab in the menu.

Lon doesn't mind you spending hours perusing the thousand of images onboard.  However, the best way to find specific photo subject matter is through the keywords.  

From the homepage: click on any folder of broad photo topics like: wildlife, hunting, fishing, etc.  That will take you to photo galleries of more specific image subjects.  

From galleries: clicking on individual thumbnails will then enlarge that single image.  Below the image are titles, captions and the dynamic keywords.

From the keywords: clicking on the keyword that best describes what you are looking for will populate thumbnails of all photos on the site with that keyword attached.  Then, shown above the thumbnails  you can either choose related keywords to find other images of similar content or combine  keywords from the dynamic list to narrow down your search.

You will notice two sets of numbers at the beginning of each photo's keyword list. The first five digits are Lon's photo subject code, i.e. 08350 = eagles, 32158= dogs, etc.  The second set of five digits is the individual photo number.

If you are interested in a specific image, just email Lon Lauber photography through the Contact Lon Lauber tab in the menu with the subject number and individual photo number like this example: 08350-00127.  This tells me you are interested in the 127th photo in my eagle photo gallery...

Or you can right click on an enlarged image and email me a snapshot of the photo you are interested in.  Also, in the lower right side from every gallery page, there is a "share" button.  You can share the link to a specific photo or to the entire gallery.

From the Browse page: you will see one representative image for each photo gallery.  Each gallery has Lon's photo subject number and the title of that gallery.  Once you are in a gallery  you can search images as described above.  The galleries are not in numerical or alphabetical order.  They are shown by which photo gallery is the most recently added to the website.

From the Search page: just type in a keyword or a couple keywords and see what pops up. For example, if you type in fly fishing, more than a 1,000 images will populate.  If you type in fly fishing for rainbow trout, it narrows down to a few hundred images...

For your convenience, there is a search field specific to each gallery.  When you do a search from within a specific gallery, only images within that gallery, with that keyword will populate.  For example, if you are in the white-tailed deer gallery and type rut into the search field, only photos of whitetails in rut will populate...

Also, there is a keyword cloud at the bottom of the search page.  This "cloud" includes the most commonly used keywords on the website.  Just click on any of the keywords in this cloud and those images will populate.

From the Keyword page: scroll down through all the photo numbers ( I know this is a hassle) until you start seeing keywords.  Every keyword on the entire website is listed in alphabetical order.  Click on that specific keyword to populate the thumbnails of that photo subject..

Lon's Biography page: if you are interested in Lon Lauber's background as a professional photographer and avid outdoorsman, read this page.

Contact Lon Lauber: go here to email Lon.  Please contact Lon Lauber Photography to purchase prints, ask about leasing one-time rights or with questions and suggestions about lonlauber.com.

If you notice what appears to be redundant images, please look closer, in-camera similar images were chosen to show different behavior or attitudes to give photo buyers and editors more choices.

For example, if on first glance you see two images of a whitetail buck that look the same, a closer examination will show one image with the deer's ears perked up and the other with the ears more relaxed.

You might see two Labrador retriever images that look the same but one photos shows the dog's mouth open and the other one shows the dog's mouth closed...

Additionally, you will notice several images from the same photo shoot.  These might include, horizontal, vertical, close up, a wider view, with and without flash, etc.  This is to provide photo buyers with choices.

Finally, if you are interested in the technical details of how I shot these images, go to the lower right side of each gallery page and click on the little "i" button for information.  Once you click on the "i" all the camera's metadata pops up and you can see how I shot that particular image.

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